The complete package for expense report easy management.

Expense Report automates and simplifies the management of your company’s expense report, eliminating waste of time during insertion and approval process.

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Super easy data entry.


Upload a photo of the receipt

You can decide whether to take a new photo on the spot or whether to use one already on your smartphone.


Check data

The receipt will be scanned and the most important data will be automatically read by text recognition technologies.


Associate expense to context

You can associate the expense with a project, a task and a cost center for best organization.


Send and monitor status

After sending for approval, you can check at any time whether the request was approved or not and receive an alert notification on your smartphone.

All-in-one management and reporting for administrators

The request management panel is accessible from any platform that has an Internet connection, it allows to manage the flow of approval of requests and to consult charts and diagrams updated in real time.


OCR Technology

We use cutting-edge, machie learning base, text recognition technologies, to scan documents.

Workflow management

We offer the possibility to create and organize projects and to associate tasks and cost centers. Perfect for the most structured companies!

Report functionality

Interactive and customizable graphs and diagrams allow you to visually monitor the most important data.

Specific travel management

Just enter the departure and arrival points to keep track of the costs based on the mileage.

Alerts with push notifications

Users can receive informative notifications on their smartphones to keep them updated on the status of their requests.


No restrictions thanks to the web platform and the mobile application at your disposal: use Expense Report where and when you want.

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